Unraveling the Art of Sneaker Shoelaces: A Guide to Different Lengths and When to Use Them

Step into the world of sneaker customization and individual expression with a simple yet essential accessory – shoelaces. Often overlooked, the length of your shoelaces can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of your sneakers. In this guide, we'll explore the diverse lengths available and when to choose the perfect lace for your kicks - no matter if you are a fan of Air Jordan, Air Max, Air Force or even Yeezy.


1. General Guidelines for the length of Sneaker Laces

The length of the shoelaces depends on various factors, including the number of eyelet pairs on your sneakers and your personal preferences. In general, you can orient yourself based on the following guidelines:

- Low Sneakers (e.g., Nike Air Force 1):
Shorter laces, around 80-120 cm, work well for low sneakers with few eyelets.

- Mid-height Sneakers (e.g., Air Max 1, Yeezy Boost 350): For sneakers with a medium height, laces between 120-140 cm are ideal.

- High Sneakers (e.g., Air Jordan 1): For high sneakers with more eyelet pairs, you can use laces ranging from 140-180 cm or longer.

2. Table for the Right Lace Length Based on the Number of Eyelet Pairs

Here is a practical table that can help you choose the right lace length:

Number of eyelets Lace length in centimeter
2 Pair / 4 eyelets 45 cm
3 Pair / 6 eyelets 60 – 65 cm
4 Pair / 8 eyelets 75 – 85 cm
5 Pair / 10 eyelets 90 – 100 cm
6 Pair / 12 eyelets 115 – 125 cm
8 Pair / 16 eyelets 145 – 150 cm
9 Pair / 18 eyelets 180 cm
10 Pair / 20 eyelets 200 – 220 cm

Feel free to check our size chart, which lists additional sneaker brands and their corresponding lace lengths.

The recommended lengths are guidelines and may vary depending on the shoe type and eyelet spacing. In case of uncertainty, measure your old laces to determine the optimal length.

3. How Long Are Air Jordan Laces?

Air Jordan sneakers are not only iconic but also known for their specific design features. Since Nike Air Jordans have more eyelets, there are more possible variations. Generally, we recommend using 180 centimeters for high Jordans like the Air Jordan 1. Most sneakerheads tie their Jordan laces all the way to the top. If you prefer to tie your laces earlier, choose the 140-centimeter Nike laces. For Jordan Lows or if you let your laces hang loose, also choose 140 centimeters. In case of doubt, measure your current laces. The 180 cm Nike laces are also perfect for your Nike SB Blazers.

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4. How Long Are Air Max Laces?

Nike Air Max sneakers combine technology and style. To get the best of both worlds, it is advisable to choose laces that securely and comfortably hold the shoe on your foot.

The right length of laces for Nike Air Max 1:

The ideal length for your Nike Air Max 1 sneakers is 120 centimeters. We assume that you lace up to the second-highest eyelet and tie with a subtle loop. 120 centimeters is the standard size for Nike laces. These are 7 mm wide. Even if you want to lace up to the highest eyelet, the 140 cm variant is a good alternative.

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The right length of laces for Nike Air Max 90:

Nike Air Max 90s differ slightly from Nike Air Max 1s. Therefore, we recommend using the 140-centimeter Nike laces for these sneakers. Consider your size again to choose the perfect laces. For smaller sizes, choose 120 centimeters. We recommend maintaining the 140 cm length for larger sizes.

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5. How Long Are Nike Air Force Laces?

Our Nike laces also fit perfectly for your Nike Air Force. Use 120 centimeters for low Air Forces, 140 centimeters for Mids, and 160 centimeters for high Air Forces. Think carefully about whether you want a large loop or let your laces hang loose. Depending on this, you can take a size larger or smaller.

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6. How Long Are Nike Dunk Laces?

The lace lengths for Dunks are quite straightforward: Use 140 centimeters for low Dunks and 160 centimeters for Mid and High Dunks, depending on whether you have larger or smaller feet. If you prefer to tie your Dunk Lows with smaller laces, then use our 120-centimeter laces. If you want to tie up to the highest lace hole with a larger loop, just use 140 centimeters with the Dunk Lows. Similar to Jordans, it is more challenging to give advice due to the many variations in models. Therefore, we recommend measuring your current laces again.

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7. How Long Are Yeezy Laces?

Yeezy sneakers, designed by Kanye West, are known for their minimalist design. However, the length of the laces also plays a role. To achieve the desired look, 120-140 cm could be appropriate for most Yeezy models.

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Conclusion: Your Personal Style, Your Personal Lace Length

Ultimately, the perfect lace length is a matter of personal taste. Experiment with different lengths and find out which one you prefer and provides the desired comfort. Whether it's Air Jordan, Air Force, Nike Air Max, or Yeezy - the right lace length makes a difference!