Give your sneakers the extra touch

Even though we love all different kind of sneakers, we currently go crazy about all kinds of Nike Air Max – specifically the Air Max 1.

And while we like them the way they are we just love the fact that you can easily customise them by replacing the laces, with either new, fancy colours or just tone in tone.

All our classic flat laces are perfect to refresh your originals or as a colour upgrade to bring your sneaker game to the next level. Choosing from a variety of  different colours can be hard sometimes but we came up with some of our favourite examples below:

See those matching turquoise flat laces on the 2017 Air Max 1 Anniversary edition.  

One-Up Turquoise Flat Laces on Nike Air Max 1

Doesn’t it give that sneaker the special look? And we have so many more colours. We are already excited about trying more combinations.

Another nice touch is equipping them with some reflective flat laces. Whether you want to be seen running at night or stand out from the crowd at the next party, give your sneakers the extra touch with the One-Up reflective laces.

Reflective Laces by One-Up Store on Air Max 1 Patta Waves


And if you want to go the extra mile and not just reflect but actually glow in the dark, we have just the right choice for you. Our exclusive One-Up glow in the dark laces will make you shine even on the darkest days. Looking just classic white, grey or black during the day, the laces absorb the sunlight and will glow green in the dark.



Or a match made in heaven is replacing the laces of the 2020 Air Max 1 Sneaker Day edition with our luxury leather laces. Treat your kicks the luxurious way and stand out in the crowd.

 Leather laces by One-Up Store on Air Max 1 Sneaker Day


While we used the white leather lace here we already know which sneaker to pair with our luxury leather laces in black. Just not sure yet which one to use, the one with the silver aglet, or the golden:


Which one would you pick?!

Stay tuned for some more inspiration on how to give your sneakers the extra touch!